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Selected Glavatec customers

«We could no longer work without the Glavatec vacuum cooling unit.»
Koni Gabriel, bakery owner

Selected clients

Steiner.png, CH-Wetzikon

The traditional bakery has been successfully run by the Steiner family since 1936. With more than 600 employees and 30 branches, Steiner-Beck AG is still a family business.

Gabriel.png, CH-Glarus

The family business has been successfully run by the 7th generation for 25 years. Today, Jacques Gabriel AG has around 120 employees and 8 branches.

SOMA.png, NL-Echt

The company can look back on a long tradition in the Netherlands since 1882. In 2023, the industrial company Bread van SOMA developed into the domestic market leader for rye bread. Today, in addition to the Netherlands, Bread van SOMA also supplies Belgium, Germany, England, France and Italy.

IPW.png, CH-Winterthur

IPW Gastronomie Winterthur attaches great importance to tasty, varied and high-quality cuisine. The hospital kitchen has a seasonal and regional focus and not only cooks for patients and staff, but also caters for the physical well-being of relatives, visitors and guests.

Other clients on request...

«We cool all our products with the Glavatec vacuum cooling system and would not be able to produce our volume on time without it.»

«Thanks to Glavatec, we produce significantly more with significantly less energy.»

«The Glavatec system allows us to produce bread quality that sets us apart from the competition. Unlike frozen systems: These also brought process improvements, but had a negative impact on bread quality.»

«We save on dough inserts - 50 g per piece for toast breads and 20 g for normal breads.»

«The Glavatec system is running perfectly so far and has never had a breakdown.»

Koni u Corinne Gabriel.jpg

Siblings Corinne Gabriel Sarti and Koni Gabriel (7th generation) manage the family business of Jacques Gabriel AG for 25 years.

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