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Economical benefits of vacuum cooling technology

Vacuum cooling provides significant cost savings.

Up to 50%* shorter baking time


The baked goods need to be in the oven for much less time because the residual water no longer needs to be evaporated in the oven. This then takes place in the vacuum chamber. This has a significant impact on the bakery's energy costs and process efficiency.

Around 90%* shorter cooling time


The normal cooling of hot baked goods at ambient temperature takes hours. This is the largest part of the actual production process. With a vacuum chamber, cooling is reduced to a few minutes, which opens completely new optimisation possibilities for work and personnel planning.

Shorter CoolDown EN.jpg
Longer shelf life on the sales shelf


Creation of additional days of shelf life for logistics, sales or consumption due to the reduced time window for microbial infestation during cooling (see 'Less dirt and germs' under good for bread quality).

Less dough ingredients


Since vacuum cooling, unlike ambient cooling, produces more voluminous, stable and germ-free baked products, fewer dough ingredients and additives are needed for equivalent end products, making them higher-margin and healthier.

Around 90%* less floor space


Thanks to the rapid vacuum cooling, the backed products can be processed immediately and transported to the customers. This means that huge floor space is no longer required.

*) Product and process-dependent

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