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Glavatec is backed by a proven team

Glavatec AG_Gruppenfoto_P1523191 800px.jpg

Core team from left: Daniel Isler, Florian Bäbler, Flavia Bäbler, Kaspar Bäbler, Martin Bäbler and Patrick Hoffmann (missing: Daniel Chwalczyk and Hans Bäbler)

Most of the people below have been working together with great enthusiasm on the further development of Glavatec technology for more than ten years.

Management team

Majority shareholders

Porträt – Flavia Baebler.jpg


Flavia Bäbler

M.A. / MLaw

Clients, projects, suppliers

Porträt – Florian Baebler.jpg


Florian Bäbler

Mechanical Engineer BSc
Hard- and Software Engineering

Porträt – Kaspar Baebler.jpg


Kaspar Bäbler

Certified Electrician & Inventor
Special solutions & maintenance


Our internal and external experts

Porträt – Daniel Chwalczyk.jpg

Application Engineering

Daniel Chwalczyk

Food Technology Engineer BSc
Owner @

Porträt – Martin Baebler.jpg


Martin Bäbler

Creative/Photography Director

Owner @ at

Porträt – Hans Bieri.jpg

Equip. & plant engineering

Hans Bieri

MSc Electrical Engineering ETH

Owner @ H. Bieri Engineering GmbH

Porträt – Patrick Hoffmann.jpg


Patrick Hoffmann

Mag. rer. soc. oec., Business Admin.

Owner @

Porträt – Hanspeter Knutti.jpg


Hanspeter Knutti

PLC Software Engineer

CEO @ Inosoft AG

Porträt – Lukas Meuli.jpg

.NET Software Development

Lukas Meuli

Software Engineer @ Inosoft AG

Porträt – Daniel Isler.jpg

Business Development

Daniel Isler

BSc Electrical Engineering
Owner @

Porträt – Silvan Schlumpf.jpg


Silvan Schlumpf

Senior Engineer @

Porträt – Johanna Herrmann.jpg


Johanna C. Hermann

Engineer, MBA, Patent Attorney, Ow. @

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