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Support and maintenance

Why we are better than our competitors

Ensuring a smooth and trouble-free vacuum cooling operation.

In addition to the general advantages of vacuum cooling, our systems offer the following specific advantages compared to the competition:

All built-in


All components are built into the system so that they are inaccessible to the operating personnel, which makes careless destruction of system parts practically impossible.

Most durable door seal


A patented sealing system with dynamic orthogonal contact pressure guarantees long seal durability and easy replacement by the operator.

Completely oil-free system


The system is operated completely oil-free. There is no need for expensive special lubricating oils which, after contamination with dough substances, clog the exhaust air and wastewater pipes as a sticky emulsion and must be changed regularly.

Low-maintenance pump


The avoidance of condensation as well as the robust design and infinitely variable adjustability of the vacuum pump extend its service life.

No corrosion


The patented systems and the consistent use of chrome steel prevent the chamber, technology and pipes from corroding.

Keine Korrosion.jpg
High serviceability


The system is designed in such a way that many maintenance tasks could be carried out independently. All components are easily accessible without tools. All connections are plugged in.

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