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Good for your product quality

Benefits of vacuum cooling technology for the backed goods


Consumers of vacuum-cooled baked goods get a better taste experience.

Individual and natural refinement of baked goods with vacuum cooling
More attractive appearance


The formation of unwanted setting creases can be prevented and avoided using vacuum cooling.



More voluminous, airy and stable


The patented process ensures gentle and controlled cooling. The baked goods are characterized by an appealing volume, loose pores and a short bite.



Better taste experience


Vacuum-cooled baked goods simply taste better thanks to their stability, appealing volume, prevention of set creases, loose pores and short bite.

Longer fresh and durable


Vacuum cooling optimises work processes and stabilises the quality of the products. Due to the short cooling time, the positive quality characteristics and the reduction in recontamination time, the products remain fresh and durable for longer.

Frisches Brot.jpg
Less dirt and germs


The use of vacuum cooling eliminates the dirt and germ-spreading thermal effect of large refrigerated car parks. As a result, vacuum-cooled baked goods are more hygienic and have a longer shelf life.

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