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Benefits for your bakery operation

Why we are better than our competitors


Our units ensure highest efficiency of your operational processes.

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Hot baked goods can be fed into the vacuum chamber from the front and, depending on the chamber model, removed from the front or rear.

In addition to the general advantages of vacuum cooling, our systems offer the following specific advantages compared to the competition:

Most compact system


Smallest external dimensions in relation to the size of the vacuum chamber. All elements such as condenser, vacuum pump and control unit are integrated. No external devices and pipes are required for steam and vacuum.

Kompakte Anlage.jpg
Space-saving sliding door


In contrast to swing doors, the automatic sliding door requires minimal space and does not pose a transport obstacle with a risk of collision. A patented centring system ensures balanced contact pressure that is gentle on the seals.

Ground level entryway


The vacuum cooling systems can be loaded easily and customised, with or without a ramp (floor level), manually or fully automated.

Bodenebene Einfahrt.jpg
Highest energy efficiency


The integrated condenser, the individually configurable process sequences, the infinitely variable pump speed, the automatic standby mode, a waste water heat exchanger and other technical optimisations make the Glavatec unit the most energy-efficient on the market.

Minimal emissions


The Glavatec vacuum pump is quiet and produces no exhaust fumes. It does not burden the operation with additional emissions.

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Easy data management


Intuitive editing of settings possible on the PC. Easy management and storage of the cooling curves on a USB stick or directly on the work PC.

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