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A Swiss family business

Management trio Florian (son), Kaspar (father) and Flavia Bäbler (daughter) own the majority of the company.

IMG_7676 nachb.JPG
Hausberg Rauti.jpg

Our local mountain Rauti, seven kilometres away, is emblematic of our corporate values.



We always want to be able to offer our customers the best technological systems on the market.



We want to become the European market leader with our technological lead and a strong distribution partner.


2008: Start of research

2013: Glavatec AG founded by Florian and Kaspar Bäbler

2016: Sixth patent applied for

2016: First V1 device installed

2018: Flavia Bäbler joins as CEO

2019: First V2 system (scalable) installed

2020: Introduction of the VacuumDay series of specialist seminars

2022: First V3 device installed: Embedded in a fully automated production line

2021_Chäpp und Hans_Montage_SOMA (nachb).jpg

Kaspar Bäbler with brother Hans at a client site

2008 Florian 1 in Werkstatt (sw).jpg

Florian's first experiments in the workshop (2008)

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