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Characteristics of the Glavatec vacuum cooling units


We offer the most advanced technology on the European market.

Basic system

Our units are available in four standard sizes and with one or two-sided loading and unloading.

Feeding in-out EN.jpg
Einschieben der Backwaren.jpg

Optional features

  • Additional chamber door at the back (baked goods in at the front and out at the back)

  • Customized chamber depth, whereby height and width are fixed standard dimensions

  • Customized position of the control panel

  • External data storage (process curves etc.)

  • Interface for remote maintenance support

  • Floor-level entry of the rack trolleys (no height difference to overcome for trolleys)

  • Automatic infeed and outfeed of baked (for operation in industrial production lines)

  • Connection to higher-level machine-to-machine communication (for industrial production lines)

Optional services

  • Technical and technological consulting regarding the vacuum cooling unit and its components

  • Consulting to optimize the client's production process around the vacuum cooling unit

  • Technological guidance for calibrating the optimal vacuum cooling curves per product

  • Training of client’s employees in the safety, operation and cleaning of the vacuum cooling system

  • Topic-specific workshops and further training for the client’s managers and experts

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