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Visitors to this website and all other external reference persons of Glavatec AG («Glavatec») are referred to below as «customers».


The contents of this website are exclusively for persons to whom Swiss law applies. All personal data are therefore subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act.


Glavatec takes the protection of their customers' personal data very seriously, treating personal data confidentially, in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and this privacy policy.


This website does not offer users the possibility to enter personal data that is worth protecting, and therefore does not store any of them.

All contents of this website are adult.

How does Glavatec handle personal information?


Glavatec does not disclose personally identifiable information from customers without the consent of third parties.


The use of this website is possible without providing personal data such as name, address or e-mail address. There is no possibility for users to log in to this website (login) or to register.


Glavatec does not store personal data through this website except when the user signs up for the Glavatec newsletter (opt-in). The user explicitly enters his e-mail address and optionally his name, company and postal address in a form on this website. These user data are subsequently used exclusively for the delivery of Glavatec newsletters to this user, whereby the user can stop the delivery permanently after every receipt of a newsletter by simply clicking on an obvious link in the footer line (opt-out). Glavatec does not use this website to collect further personal data by means of forms.


Glavatec can not establish a link between personal data (such as email address) and personal data (such as IP addresses) of its users and draw conclusions about individuals. Glavatec does not know which people visited which page of this website as often.


In addition, a customer can contact Glavatec via e-mail, letter or phone via Glavatec's contact addresses listed on this website or elsewhere, using Glavatec's customary personal data (e-mail signature, business card, letterhead, etc.). The customer hereby expressly agrees that Glavatec may communicate with the user within a bilateral dialogue.


Glavatec exchanges information with any customer (not just users of this website) through individual, bilateral communication via e-mail, telephone or face-to-face with mutual consent as part of a regular business relationship.

Google Search and Google Analytics


This website uses Google Search elements to help users find this site in relevant search results from major search engines. The search results contain an external link to the respective page of this website.


In addition, this website uses code elements from Google Analytics to statistically evaluate the use of the website (for example, which pages have been visited the most) and to improve them for the benefit of users. Based on this information, Glavatec knows which pages, search terms and content are important and relevant to users.

Glavatec uses this information to continually refine the site, improving its users' positive website experience.

Google is one of the world's leading search engine providers in the US, which also operates its servers in the USA.

Social Media


Glavatec announces news to its users only via individual e-mails and letters, e-newsletters, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram. The posts used in social media platforms contain an external link to the respective page of this website wherever possible and useful.


However, no social media platforms are more closely linked to this website. Glavatec refrains from directly integrating such social media platforms on this website. Any connection to and from such systems will always be via a normal external link that can be viewed by the user and explicitly clicked.


On social media platforms, communication takes place according to the usual rules. Thus, the privacy statements valid there are authoritative.



Websites usually use so-called cookies. These set up no damage on the computer of the user and contain no viruses. Cookies are used to make this website more user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser on the computer. These cookies make it possible, for example, to recognize the respective browser of a user during their next visit to this website and to opt-in or opt-out of it as they did on their last visit.


The user can set his browser so that he is informed about the setting of cookies. He may specifically allow or deny cookies, exclude the assumptions of cookies for certain cases or in general, and activate the automatic deletion of cookies when closing the browser. However, disabling cookies may limit the functionality of the site.

Glavatec uses cookies and explicitly informs the user when the website is called for the first time.

How does the internet provider of this website treat personal data?


This website and the e-mails to and from Glavatec are hosted by the Swiss Internet provider «».


For the pages of this website to be sent to the correct end device of the website user, must know the user's IP address. Between the sending and displaying of individual pages, information is stored locally on the user's terminal. This procedure is common practice and necessary for the seamless continuation of website use in the interest of the user. The corresponding information is stored on the user's computer by means of cookies (see above) and queried on his next visit to this website. automatically collects and stores information that is relevant for website operation in so-called server log files. This information is automatically transmitted to the website by the user's browser. These are, for example, browser type, browser version, operating system, URL, host name of the accessing computer or the time of the server request.


Glavatec does not merge this data with other data sources and does not use it anymore. Glavatec reserves the right, however, to have this data reviewed by later if there are concrete indications of illegal use.


As a service provider, Glavatec provides regular information on the operation of this website using standard statistics.

Right to information, blocking and deletion


The user has the right at any time to free information about his stored personal data, its origin, recipient and data processing purpose as well as a right to correction, blocking or deletion of this data.


For this purpose as well as for further questions on the subject of personal data, the user can contact Glavatec at any time at the address given in the imprint.

Opposition to advertising emails

Glavatec is legally obliged to publish their contact or e-mail address in the imprint of this website. This e-mail address may not be used by third parties for the delivery of unsolicited advertising e-mail (spam). Glavatec explicitly reserves the right to take legal action in such cases.

Law and jurisdiction


Applicable is exclusively Swiss law.


Jurisdiction is the current headquarters of Glavatec AG.

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